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Meditation & Mindfulness Spiritual Sacred Geometry Tool for Healing Wisdom Harmonic & Light Body Activation – Powerforms Copper Portal 5.75” x 4.25”

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Product Description

Powerforms Subtle Energy ToolsPowerforms Subtle Energy Tools

Powerforms use vibrational osmosis, also known as Sympathetic Resonance to balance and tune your aura, chakras, and meridians to help reduce tension & stress in the body and mind.

Each plate is made with 4 precisely tuned copper layers that operate as an antenna to connect to your own subtle energy field.

If you suffer from constant nagging thoughts and feelings of depression, anxiety, and sadness or struggle with quieting your mind, meditation, and finding moments of peace or if you fail at being present in the moment, connecting to your source, and operating at your peak. Then the Powerforms will help you conquer these crippling behaviors.

These plates enhance all your Spiritual Practices, Meditation, Reiki, Massage, and Peak Performance in your daily life.

Your light body or aura is the intelligent energy interface between your physical body, your emotions, your mind, your soul, and the universe itself.

Working with the Powerforms and energy patterns of the light body, you can easily tap into deeper harmonious levels of consciousness, transforming difficult emotions and thoughts of chaotic or unbalanced energies of the physical body.

When you explore your light body, and you discover its potential, you gradually become aware that you are conscious at many levels. You sense the unity between your own universal self and the universe’s consciousness. This means that you can sense that you are in harmony with the Universe and that you are a vital part of the universe.

Using the Portal Plate you can explore your emotions, thoughts, and sensations as Energy Patterns in your light body. Your subtle anatomy, etheric body, or blueprint is a higher non-physical energy frequency and the bridge between your physical body, your light body, and the universe itself.

Underneath this physical world of reality, there is the sub-atomic world that is always in motion. Every atom that makes up this world has its own frequency or vibration – and it has its own consciousness, too.

Everything in the universe is made of frequencies. This means that the universe is made of frequencies or vibrations that are all resonating with each other. This includes the physical world, the world of emotions and thoughts, the subtle dimensions of non-physical realities, and the cosmic consciousness that is known by many spiritual names around the world.

Using the Portal Plate you can sense the deeper harmony that exists between your own personal frequencies and the cosmic frequencies of the universe. This brings you deep peace and a sense that you definitely belong in the universe.

The Portal Plate helps you feel past the noise of this world so that you can experience the gentle harmony within. This helps you become more aware of your deeper essence – your soul.

What makes you unique? Are we all the same underneath? When you interact with the Portal Plate you begin to release many layers of tension that have built up in your body, mind, and light body. This helps you discover the subtle quality of your distinctive inner self – your soul.

We are all made of universal consciousness. It’s a fascinating realization to recognize that we are all uniquely individual souls, and yet we are all expressions of this universal cosmic energy.

Powerforms Portal Plate

Powerforms are exquisitely tuned harmonic geometric copper antenna plates. Each plate consists of four precisely tuned layers, containing hundreds of harmonic copper geometric elements. Each intricate layer works in harmony with the other three layers of the plate. The four layers are infused with heat treated glass threads and then shielded with a clear protective coating. Together, they create a well-tuned subtle-energy field that works with your magnetic field to help you balance and transform your energy.

The Plate uses vibrational osmosis (the spiritual-energy language your aura understands), also known as Sympathetic Resonance. To understand this, imagine one tuning fork (the Powerforms Plate) spontaneously causing a second tuning fork (your own atoms) to resonate in harmony.

Powerforms are not “symbols.” The shapes are “functional” rather than “symbolic”. The shapes are antennas that are combined together in harmonious ways using the energy of the shapes (dispersing stale energy, harmonious, moving energy, stabilizing energy, flowing in one direction, flowing inwards, flowing outwards, filtering, etc.). Similar to how electrical components work together — some circuits amplify, some reduce, some move the electrons. Think of the process as building a well-tuned machine that can help you tune into the universe when you use it.

The Powerforms align you with the Universe. This alignment with the Universe allows the solfeggio frequencies to be received by your body, mind, and soul even more easily.

Simple & Easy to use for all – beginners to professionals

Simple and easy to use for beginners and professionals. Those new to working with personal energy can simply begin with just holding the plate and following the Explorations before moving on to the fingertip exercises.

Easily connect to spirit, tune into source and self Enhance spiritual consciousness Gain clarity of mind and heighten awareness Achieve your spiritual goals Access your higher self potential, past lives, collective consciousness Bring healing energy into deeper levels of trapped patterns Open third eye and receive answers Transmute chaotic energy and quiet the noise and clutter Hear the inner voice of your own truth Filter out negativity and clear blocked energy Meditation tool to enhance the ease of slipping into a meditative state Improve Relaxation, Relieve Stress, Experience Internal Peace & Improve quality of life Create Sacred Space, use for balancing and healing the energy of a space or room Makes a Great Gift for Energy Body Workers, Psychics, Clairvoyants, Reiki practitioners

Meditation Made Easy

The Portal Plate makes a great tool or gift for mediation for beginner to advanced. The magic of Powerforms makes it simple & easy to slip into mediation, spiritual consciousness and advances levels of mediation experience. The Portal Plate is an intelligent filter that screens out the busyness and chaos of the physical environment, the emotional mental noise of your own and other people’s thoughts, making mediation and connection to source simple & easy.

Begin with Simple Step by Step Explorations – Instruction Book Included

The User’s Guide is designed to enhance your experience with the Portal Plate. Try the 3 simple explorations below or open the user’s guide and pick one of the finger positions for a more enhanced experience of the Neutral Space Plate.

Exploration #1: Chakra sweep: Hold the Portal in front of the body, with the Portal facing the floor. Slowly move it up and down, just in front of the body, as if tracing a column. This cleanses and activates the chakras (energy centers). You may notice greater clarity and more energy flowing through your body and mind.

Exploration #2: Room healing: Hold the Portal in one hand, and use it to trace a large spiral shape in the room. Re-trace the shape several times. After 30 seconds of shape tracing, place the Portal down, and step into that part of the room. Notice the subtle differences in the quality and texture of the energy there.

Exploration #3: Personal Transformation Experience: Hold the Portal as in “Vitality enhancement.” Imagine some energy flowing out the left hand. The energy flows through the Portal and into the right hand. Next imagine some energy flowing out the right hand. It flows through the Portal and into your left hand. Continue flowing back and forth for a minute or two. As the Portal refines your energy, you become more centered.

Or open the User’s guide to one of the finger-tip exercises, and let your fingertips rest on the Portal Plate according to the diagrams. Explore the affirmations that accompany each diagram for deeper results. If you’ve had a long day, just rest your finger-tips in position, listen to music, or even watch TV.

Expand Your Experience with FingerTip Positions & Energy Circuit, Super Battery & the Ascension Chamber Powerform Combinations

Each side of the Portal is different…Use your intuition to choose which side to utilize. Don’t worry; you can’t make a mistake. This is an intuitive, subtle energy tool –– not a jet airplane.

The Finger-Tip Exercises are so simple and easy to use. Place your fingertips on the Portal Plate, as shown in the diagrams.

Combine Powerforms and create an “energy circuit” Place several Powerforms on the body. They create a symphony of harmonious energies that combine to create a living transformational energy field.

✔ CONVENIENT MINDFULNESS TOOL – Screen out emotional chaos and mental noise * Access deeper wisdom spiritual consciousness and intelligence of the Universe that is known as the Divine * Create sacred space, clear blocked energy and screen out the busyness and chaos of the physical environment, the emotional and mental noise of your own and other people’s thoughts * Go beyond the daily noise and worries of the moment
✔ QUICKLY CONNECT to SPIRIT – Access your higher self potential, past lives, collective consciousness * Cultivate your alignment the solfeggio frequencies * Open third eye * Merge body and soul * Filter out the psychic noise of the earth plane * Hear the inner voice of your own truth * Filter out negativity * Easily tune into source and self * Transmute chaotic energy * Sense beyond the physical world and recognize the subtle cosmic energy of your light body
✔ WHO USES IT – Healers us it to bring healing energy into deeper levels of trapped patterns * Psychics & Clairvoyants use it to open a portal to akashic records * Reiki, Energy & Light Body Workers use it to screen out chaos and sense the cosmic harmony of all the frequencies, the universal harmony or divine harmony * Yoga practitioners use it to experience an inner light, an inner vibration, an inner feeling, or just as a subtle knowingness * Makes a Great Gift!
✔ HOW TO USE: Each person’s Powerforms subtle energy experience is unique. Some people feel the energy when holding the disks and others find a shift in their state of being. We know that the subtle energy experience is not for everyone which is why there is a 100% money-back guarantee on the purchase price when you return the undamaged disk. Discover that you are much more than a body that thinks.

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Meditation & Mindfulness Spiritual Sacred Geometry Tool for Healing Wisdom Harmonic & Light Body Activation – Powerforms Copper Portal 5.75” x 4.25”


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