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Pro Impact Hand Grip Wrist Strengthener/Grip Strength Trainer for Home Workout/Finger Exercise/Forearm Stretcher/Stress Relief- Adjustable Resistance, Heavy Duty, Non-Slip

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Product Description


Almost every exercise that you do at your home or gym requires you to have strong arms. If you are lifting heavy weights, then you are bound to have a firm grip and strong forearms to allow you to balance the weight while exercising. Even gymnasts need to have a solid grip so as to prevent any mishap while performing. Pro Impact Hand Grip is designed with the intention of offering you a solid and firm grip and strengthen your wrists and fingers so that you can perform your exercises easily. These hand grips get ergonomic foam handles that ensure a comfortable grip. The resistance offered by the spring while exercising with these grips tones the muscles in your wrists and makes them strong. Pro Impact Hand Grip is made of a perfect size so that it proves to be ideal for men, women and children.

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Ideal Hand & Finger Exerciser

Pro Impact Hand Grip proves to perfect for fitness enthusiasts, gymnasts and musicians who play instruments like guitar, piano, violin etc. This hand grip can help to build strength in your wrists, forearms etc and also improve the dexterity and performance of your hands and fingers. This Hand Grip is a great exerciser if you are having a hand injury because it helps to accelerate blood circulation to the affected area and speeds up the recovery process. A highlighting feature of this hand grip is that you can carry it on the go as it takes a very small amount of space in your gym bag.

Made Using Durable MaterialMade Using Durable Material

Made Using Durable Material

To ensure maximum resistance, the Pro Impact Hand Grip is made using strong and durable chrome alloy steel spring coil. This coil has a great tensile force and offers a good amount of resistance when you compress the grip in your hands. The handles are covered with a soft foam material that ensures secure grip as well as comfort while exercising.

Characteristics :

Lightweight & PortableLightweight & Portable

Ergonomic DesignErgonomic Design

Ideal Hand StrengthenerIdeal Hand Strengthener

Lightweight & Portable

The practicality of this Hand Grip in your everyday workout session is increased because of its lightweight, durable and portable nature. The compact design ensures that you can easily keep the grip in your bag and carry it with you to your gym or other fitness sessions.

Ergonomic Design

The Hand Grip features an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to hold it in the hands. Be it a man, woman or child, this grip fits securely in their hand and does not slip easily. In addition to this, the non-slip texture of the handles lets you have a secure grip even after a sweaty workout session.

Ideal Hand Strengthener

Pro Impact Hand Grip is ideal and durable exercise equipment for toning and strengthening your wrists, fingers and forearms. It can also help you to release stress in a very effective way. Using this equipment properly will eventually develop your grip and will allow you to lift heavy weights.

Variations AvailableVariations Available

PERFECT WRIST & FOREARM EXERCISER: Pro Impact Hand Grip is suitable equipment to develop and strengthen your wrists, forearms as well as muscles. This equipment not only improves your power but also dexterity and performance of hands and fingers.
MADE USING DURABLE STEEL ALLOY: To ensure a good amount of resistance while exercising, these hand grips are made from a durable chrome steel alloy that can easily withstand tough workout sessions. In addition to this, the spring coil used in these grips offers enough tension to work the muscles in your forearms, fingers and wrists.
FOAM HANDLES WITH NON-SLIP GRIP: This Hand Grip gets foam handles that have a soft texture which ensures a comfortable grip. Also, these handles have a non-slip property which keeps your grip from slipping, in case your hands are sweaty after a workout.
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: These hand grips get a compact and lightweight design that enables men, women and kids to use this grip with ease. These qualities also ensure that you are able to carry the Hand Grip wherever you go as they do not take up much space in your bag.
SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT PROFESSIONS: Pro Impact Hand Grip is ideal for people who need to have a strong grip and developed arms in order to do their work with great accuracy and ease. This grip will provide hand, finger and grip strength to fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, weight lifters, golfers, rock climbers, gymnasts as well as musicians.

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Pro Impact Hand Grip Wrist Strengthener/Grip Strength Trainer for Home Workout/Finger Exercise/Forearm Stretcher/Stress Relief- Adjustable Resistance, Heavy Duty, Non-Slip


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